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All about Ava trade

Ava trade is an online FX trading company. It is regulated by two different international agencies which are an assuring option for the clients who are planning to consider Ava trade for starting their trading. As this forex broker is regulated which means it will provide the best services. There are also some forex brokers who are working without regulations causing issues for the traders. 

Ava trade: 
Ava trade is providing its services in the world of trading since 2006. The company was created with the combined efforts of financial professionals and the experts in the web commerce. The goal behind the creation of Ava trade was to provide a perfect online trading experience to the retail traders. All the workings are done at  Ava trade with fairness and integrity. Moreover, the customer service is considered to be the number one value of the company. The use of new strategies for creating services for the clients is also considered as number one priority. 

For opening an account at Ava trade you need a minimum deposit of $100. With the help of this minimum deposit, the traders will be able to start trading. It provides a maximum leverage of 400:1 that will allow the trader to attain a larger position with somewhat small capital. Ava trade offers the accounts in different currencies that include Great British Pound, Japanese Yen, Euro and United States Dollar. The platforms that are supported by Ava trade includes Ava traders and Meta trader 4. In mobiles, it is available for android, iPad, blackberry, iPhone and window mobile.  

Apart from that, at Ava trade, Traders can also avail the facility of a demo account. The use of this account will help the traders in understanding the trading issues and matters that they will be facing. No matter if it is related to day trading or currency exchange, the service of a demo account will guide the traders in every possible way. Every trader will be able to develop, learn and test new strategies and techniques. With these services, they will be able to do the right thing at the right time. 


 All about CMC markets

The field of forex trading is getting wider with every passing day. A lot of techniques and strategies are introduced in the market just to facilitate the traders. The CMC markets platform is one of the best forex broker's that can be selected. Due to the experience of more than 25 years, the working strategies have become strong. The facilities that are provided to the traders are much more convenient than before. 

About CMC markets: 
CMC markets, an FX trading company that have a lot of services for the traders. There are a lot of reasons due to which this forex broker should be select. They deal with every kind of trading matter like currency trading, currency exchange, online trading or day trading. Apart from all these, another best part is that it is available for both online and mobiles. For getting online services, the traders will have to go through webinars and for mobile services, the downloadable applications can be used. 

CMC markets is a platform that provides 24 hours services to its clients providing them the opportunity to get the guidance at the hour of need. There are experts present in the services that will provide the required information. This platform has also won a lot of awards in this regard. CMC markets is a platform that is regulated by FCA which means all the procedures will be carried out with authentication. There are a lot of brokers in the market who are working without the regulations that will eventually create issues for the traders. 

Another great benefit that CMC markets provide to the traders is the demo account. With the help of this demo account, the traders will understand the ways in which these things are carried out. Moreover, they will also be able to know about the complexities and the issues that can be faced in this field. In the light of the experiences of experts, new brokers will know the right path. 

For making an account at CMC markets, the traders will have to deposit $160. The leverage that is provided is 500:1. The accounts that are offered by CMC markets are in GBP, AUS, NOK, CAD, SEK, SGD, EUR, USD, NZD and PLN.

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Pepperstone: The answer to the forex trading

Are you looking for an FX trading company that can provide the best trading facilities to you? If yes, pepperstone can be the best option you can select. It is a forex broker that is fully regulated. For opening up an account at the pepperstone, you need to have a minimum deposit of $200. However, if you are thinking that the deposit is quite large than the deposit amount of other brokers, you need to consider that it is regulated which means you can have a lot of benefits. 

About pepperstone
Pepperstone provides traders with the leverage of up to 500:1 that will allow traders to have a full control with a small amount of capital. Another best part about pepperstone is that it allows the traders to utilize the option of demo account. This demo account will help them in understanding each and everything related to trading i.e. currency trading, day trading, online trading and currency exchange etc. 

The major goal of 
pepperstone is to assist the investors whether retails or institutional in using the instruments as a part of investment objective. The objective is to provide a great platform to the traders that will operate at an affordable process and should have a trading infrastructure. This forex broker provides a direct access to a lot of different forex markets even to those that were previously not available for the retail investors. 

The reason due to which pepperstone was created was the frustration the traders were facing due to the issues in the online forex trading system which was resulting in delays of trade executions and poor customer support. In order to omit all these issues, pepperstone was created with the use of the latest technology and in consideration of the recent trends. The team that is working in pepperstone is comprised of the experts that understand the daily issues faced by the traders today. In light of these issues, new strategies and services are developed at pepperstone to provide the best protections to the traders of the world. 

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Risk Warning: Trading Forex, CFDs and other leveraged derivatives is considered a high-risk investment and may not be suitable for everyone. We do not provide investment advice and the bonuses or promotions offered by brokers are listed for comparative purposes only.

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easyMarkets - A trading platform

Are you looking for a quality currency trading company? easyMarkets is an online market maker that was established in 2001. The main focus of easy markets is to provide access to the global markets. All this will be done for the traders in a way with the help of a platform that is specifically designed for this purpose. Moreover, the financial instruments that will further help in the trading are also provided. 

About easyMarkets: 
easyMarkets is a great forex platform that will provide maximum benefits to the traders no matter if they are new in this field. At easyMarkets, they provide their clients with the free training from a learning center that is created for this purpose. Moreover, this training is also provided with the help of live chat and online customer care center that provides facilities for 24 hours. Traders have the facility to open up an account for around $100 which is quite a low amount. 

The easyMarket is a platform that provides access to more than 135 currency pairs i.e. providing the customers with the leverage of 400:1. This ratio of leverage will mean that the trader will have the ability to control in the presence of a small capital. 

A demo account:
Another great aspect of easy markets is that it provides the customers with a demo account facility with which they can learn the ways that are used for online trading. This demo account is based on an unlimited basis and the customers will be able to understand in detail about FX trading. Moreover, they will also get the information about the working of the company and this will eventually increase their trading skills. 

Apart from a demo accounts, there are a lot of other benefits that are provided by the easy markets which include free guaranteed stop loss. The supported currencies with an account of easy markets are Euro, Pound, British and USD. The platforms that are supported includes Meta trader 4, mobile (android and iPhone). 


Markets.com is a platform that provides both mobile and web trading facilities. The web platform of markets.com is completely online providing the traders with the facility of online trading. With the web platform, you don’t have to install any kind of external software. However, with the mobile trading facility, you will have to download the application that will be available on both android and apple devices. 

About markets.com: 
A forex platform that provides traders with every possible facility. It is also considered as one of the leading FX trading companies that operate all across Europe. For starting the currency trading, the traders will need an initial deposit of $100. The markets.com also allows the people to get to known about all the issues related to trading by providing the access to free ebooks and other helpful resources i.e. video tutorials and webinars. All this information will help in boosting up the trading knowledge which is essential for the success in this field. 

Apart from all other facilities, the markets.com also have the facility of a demo account. The use of this demo account will help the traders in identifying the ways that can be used to solve different matters. Moreover, they will also be able to understand the processes and workings of this platform. With the demo account, the traders can trade up to $10,000. The trading is offered in the currencies like USD, EUR, JPY, and GBP. 

With markets.com, the traders will be able: 
To have a deeper understanding of the latest trading trends. 
To evaluate their progress. 
To take the right decision for themselves based on the previous trends
To develop an ability with the help of which they will identify the potential opportunities related to trading. 
To develop the strategies that are in accordance with the trade duration. 
To define the right trade expiry time that can yield better results. 

For using markets.com, all you need to do is to create your trading account. This can be done online or by downloading the application on your mobile. After that, you will have to verify the details and you will be ready to start trading. 

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ETX capital: A forex broker

ETX capital, an FX trading company that working to provide the best forex facilities to the traders. At ETX capital, it is clearly realized that the traders have a lot of brokerage choices which is why the traders should be provided with the best facilities. It provides a versatile experience to its clients. No matter which type of help you require for trading, it will be provided to you through different service. You need to know about the current trading trends? Well, they have the answer at ETX capital. 

About ETX capital: 
One of the biggest opportunity that is provided to the clients of ETX capital is educational facilities. Clients are educated about each and everything related to the field of business. All this is done to enhance their understanding of how things work. This information will further help them in taking the right decision for themselves. The next concern of the ETX capital is the security and safety of the funds. No matter if it is about looking for the favorable condition or customer service, everything is present at ETX capital. 

The ETX capital is regulated with FCA eliminating all the fears new traders may have about the forex brokers. Moreover, it also provides its users with the facility of demo account which allows the traders to get a detailed understanding of trading matters like online trading, currency trading, day trading and currency exchange etc. Moreover, with the help of this demo accounts, the traders will be trained to take the right decision. The leverage that is provided to the traders at ETX capital is 400:1 which means that the traders will have the maximum opportunity to control with a small amount of capital. 

Accounts with ETX capital are available in the currencies such as EUR, USD, and GBP. If you select ETX capital as your broker, you will be able to get an access to a lot of different trading markets. As the services of ETX capital will enable you to work in different financial indices and numerous equities, you will have a lot of choices. 

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Reasons to select Think forex

Are you planning to start a trading business? The think forex platform is considered to be one of the best options if you are planning to start a business as a trader. Think forex provides the leverage up to 500:1 which means you will be able to control a large position with a deposit of small capital. Think forex is regulated by the FCA and it offers £1m of insurance protection to the customers in the cases of default or insolvency. 

About think forex: 
The major goal of think forex is to satisfy their clients and make them successful in every possible way. With every passing day, new facilities and new trends are introduced for the facilitation of the customers. Moreover, think forex is also using the latest technology with affordable prices to help traders in achieving their goal. There are a lot of reasons due to which the think forex should be selected for FX trading. Some of these reasons are explained below: 

It provides a security to the client’s fund. 
The facilities provided by think forex are personalized. 
It provides supports to the customers in different languages. 
All the services are available for the traders for 24/6.
The think forex platform allows you to utilize free trading tools for currency exchange and other matters. 
With the help of the services provided by the think forex, the traders will be able to get an extensive education. This education will allow them to have a better market analysis. 
Think forex provides their clients with the tightest spreads that are possible. 
The execution of the orders at think forex is done without any kind of disturbances as it has a partnership with Equinix. It works on the no dealing desk and no price manipulation type of execution. 
No matter which type of platform you want for currency trading, day trading or online trading, you will never be disappointed. 
Think forex allows its clients the access to the wide ranges of markets i.e. 38 forex pairs, commodities, energies, global indices and more. 
The last and the most important reason is the provision of educational facilities by think forex to the people who are new in this field. 

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Trade Forex

To increase chances to trade successfully online you need to use a FOREX Broker that can provide you with real-time access to market prices and charts, educational resources and excellent trade execution. 
Depending on your experience with trading and how you like to trade, the leading Forex platform’s will have a well-rounded platform that will allow you to trade with as little risk as possible by having instant access from your computer or mobile device.

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Instaforex: An FX trading company

Planning to open up a new trading account? Instaforex can be a great option for you as they provide different services to make this account opening process easier for the traders. As a forex broker, the instaforex is using different strategies to facilitate the new traders. 

About instaforex: 
Instaforex is an FX trading company that is providing services to its every customer at every stage. No matter if they are at an initial phase or experienced traders, they can always get help at instaforex. The trading conditions of this forex broker are considered to be one of the best in the world as they provide access to a lot of financing tools. Advanced technologies and software are used to create services that will benefit traders. 

instaforex, the traders will have the facility to get a leverage from 1:1 to 1:1000. Apart from that, the clients will also have an access to one-click trading or online trading. The trading tools that are used at
instaforex are upgraded on regular basis. All this is done with the key focus to meet all the requirements of the clients. The clients of instaforex range from the new in the field to the ones that have a good amount of experience. 

For the ones who does not have any experience in trading filed before, special services are provided to them so that they can take the right decision. The facility of creating a demo account will allow the new traders to understand in details about the processes of trading like currency trading, day trading and currency exchange etc. Moreover, the services provided to them does not require much control. For opening an account 
at instaforex, the traders needs to deposit an amount of $1.00 which is the minimum deposit amount. 

The accounts 
with intsforex are available in the currencies that include Euro and United States Dollar. Instaforex also provides its customers with the welcome bonus. This welcome bonus is transferred after every deposit to the trading account of the person. Moreover, the company offers its clients to work with a lot of trading instruments i.e. 107 currency pairs and 200 CFDs. 


Why select XM forex?

For FX trading, XM forex can be a great option for the traders. It is now an established investment firm that has more than 1,000,000 clients from 196 different countries. This amount of clients is attracted towards the service of XM forex due to different reasons like the best quality services. It is regulated and licensed with FCA. When you open an account in XM forex, a trading bonus is shifted to your account automatically. With this bonus, you can start trading which means no initial deposit is required to get started with XM forex. 

Why choose XM forex: 
XM forex provides every type of trading services to clients whether it is about currency exchange or day trading, everything is planned perfectly for the convenience of the clients. Moreover, XM forex also provides negative balance protection system that will protect the accounts of the clients. With XM, you will be able to get all the required information about the trading system and other issues. All this is possible due to the educational centers formed. The dedicated learning centers include forex webinars, forex seminars, and video tutorials.  

Every process that is carried out in XM forex is transparent and fair. Nothing is hidden from the clients and there are no hidden terms. No matter if it is about pricing, promotion or execution, everything will be done in a proper way. Another reason due to which XM trading should be selected includes the ease and convenience it provides. From the starting point of opening an account to the final trading, every step is covered with a great ease. Moreover, the services and guidance are also provided to the traders at every step to avoid any undesirable situations. 

For trading matters like currency trading, currency exchange, day trading or online trading, XM forex has personal managers that will deal with all the related issues. Moreover, there are more than 16 platforms for the clients through which they can get connected. Traders can also get the help from the live help that is available 24/5. With the help of the video tutorial that is provided by XM, the traders will be able to perform a daily analysis of the current situation that will help them in making quality decisions. 

Forex time (FXTM): A trading platform 

A great FX trading for the new traders emerges in the form of Forex time (FXTM). With forex time, traders will be able to open up an account with the deposit of $2 which is the minimum deposit amount. Apart from that, with forex time, traders will have the leverage of 500:1. This amount of leverage will mean that the traders will find themselves in a place where they can purchase with a small amount of capital. 

About forex time (FXTM):
Forex time provides a lot of opportunities to the traders. One of these facilities is the provision of a demo account. With the help of this account, the traders will be able to get to know about the trading procedures in detail. Moreover, they will also be able to know the working pattern of this platforms and eventually, they will get trained to perform better in this field. The currencies that are available with the forex time platform includes Great British Pound, Euro and United States dollar. The number of currency pairs in forex time is 65. 

By using forex time, you can have the following benefits: 

No matter from which part of the work you belong, the forex time had the best team that will support you in your own language. 
There is a wide range of trading instruments that are provided to every trader that allow them to trade in the market of their own choice. 
Regardless of the type of trader, there is a trading account that will deal all the matters including currency trading, online trading or currency exchange perfectly. As this trading company uses the up-to-date technology which allows the traders to use it in their own way. 
The platform also offers a great opportunity to have a detailed understanding of the working and other issues related to the trading through the educational center. 
The forex time application for the mobile constantly upgrades allows the best trading experience. 
The main website and other forex time facilities are available in 18 different languages. 
As the account registration at forex time has reached the number more than 480,000+ which is why it offers more than 30 payment methods.